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Pool Service Checklist:
5 Things Your Pool Needs

Inspect Equipment for Problems

Look at filters, pumps, lights and other pool equipment to make sure they are working correctly. Some signs of problems include clogged basins, high pressure on filters, leaks, the pump running with no water and broken valves. The sooner you catch an issue, the faster and less expensive it will be to get your pool back up and running.


Test and Correct Water Chemistry

The pool’s pH, chlorine levels and overall water chemistry need to be tested and adjusted throughout the season. This is especially important during the summer because chemicals are harder during those months due to the water temperature. Shocking your pool weekly and checking phosphate levels will help prevent your pool from turning green, as well.


Prevent Safety Issues

No one wants their pool to become a hazard, but it can be if not properly maintained. Ensure your pool lights are properly grounded and that the drain on the bottom of the pool is in good condition. If the drain cover is broken or not installed correctly, it can cause swimmers to get stuck and drown.

Clean the Filter

How often your filter needs to be cleaned will depend on the size of the pool, surrounding vegetation, bather load and how often it’s used. If you clean it too often, you’ll wear the filter out.

Adjust Controls

You’ll want to periodically check your timers, heat temperatures and chiller to make sure they are set correctly. The controls are located next to the rest of your pool equipment, which is normally found to the side of the house. If you don’t want to manually adjust the controls, you can have automation installed so you can control them from your wireless device.

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